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Friday, January 27, 2012

Support = Thankless Role

Hey. Just a little rant here in place of a review. Only reason I’m doing this instead is because the game I was reviewing has moved its full release back a month and some change so this will give me more time to write a more full review on it. Also I need to bitch about this or its going to drive me insane.

Why do I bother? WHY do I bother? I now know why there are so few supports in games like League of Legends or any other games that have them. It’s thankless work. So much insults, it’s ALWAYS your fault even when the Carry is really to blame. I tried a Ranked game last night and let me tell you it was an absolute nightmare. It was the first time in a League of Legends game where I had to place everyone on an ignore list (my team and the entire enemy team) AND the first time I had to report my entire team.

I was playing as Soraka and went down in Bottom lane with Graves who seemed like a decent person (then again ALL sociopaths mimic human behavior well). He wanted to start by getting these double Golem so I was to leash for him (hit the enemy to start things off then run). It didn’t go too well according to him so we went into lane. He was farming and the enemy was harassing. Like the “good support” is supposed to I purchased Wards to place in the brush to give him more harassing power and to take away any surprise attacks the enemy could make He was farming and I decided to take whatever he couldn’t possibly get to. Then he starts yelling at me for taking his farm and called me a noob for it. Now first of all I was aiming at stuff you couldn’t get at in time, also Wards cost Gold so the more Gold I get the more Wards I can keep on me to keep you safe. He told me I was ruining HIS lane. This is what got me. This as I was lead to believe is supposed to be a TEAM GAME so that would make Bottom Lane OUR lane, not HIS lane.

Of course by this point I got sick of him and said “you can solo lane you know.” As a threat of sorts, perhaps something to make him realize that I’m important too. Of course as I have learned anyone who plays a Carry is a selfish prick who blames everyone but themselves for any failings and see everyone else (especially the Support) as trash they have to put up with or meat shields to let die so they can get away. The insults kept flying and I demanded some decency and an apology. He said “not going to get it”. He goes into fight the 2 enemies in Bot. I was trying to type out something in response to his crass behavior and then he gets killed because I had the chat window open trying to defend myself from his verbal abuse. Then he insults me more. Yeah, I got steamed and made his mortality rate absolute zero, that was my fault entirely but I’ll be honest I SMILED when he died (usually I’m remorseful and broken up if a team mate dies ESPECIALLY if I’m playing a Support because I feel I could have done more to save them even if I really couldn’t have).

I’m not going to try to protect someone who treats me like garbage. The MOMENT you flip out on me and refuse to take it back I don’t care what happens to you. I refuse to enable terrible behavior especially if enabling leads to a win then the jackass will think that you can treat people like crap and still produce a positive result for yourself. Well I’M NOT A DOORMAT! I have self-respect and if you treat me like garbage then you will not receive my help. I’ll lose with my self-respect intact before I secure a win by forfeiting my integrity. Anyway things went further downhill and everyone else on my team starting with our Gangplank (ANOTHER character that is a Carry, which in turn was also an ass…I’m starting to see a pattern I have yet to meet a Carry I DIDN’T want to beat senseless). It got so bad that after I called them out for being Sociopaths I ignored all of them and asked then enemy team if they’d be willing to report my “team” for Verbal Abuse especially since they threatened to report me. I did this repeatedly and I finally got a reply. They said they wouldn’t do it. I tried to play out the game but my heart wasn’t into it. Why should I TRY for those “people”? After a futile struggle we lost and the nail in the coffin…? The enemy team said “Sorry you had to deal with that annoying Soraka.” What little faith I had in Solo Queue Ranked died the moment it was typed.

Long story short I really am starting to hate people. I see why God allowed us to make weapons because let’s face it, some people are so stubborn/evil/uncaring that the only way I could see to correct the problem would be to just pull out your weapon of choice to murder them if all reasoning fails. Why have that stuff going through the gene pool to possibly harass my children and my children’s children? If I am to climb rank I must from now on play with people I know and trust. Not just one person a FULL TEAM because if I leave it to chance odds are I’ll get the remaining spots filled with maladjusted people who should be on my plate instead of being allowed to live and breed. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET SOILENT GREEN APPROVED!?

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  1. The reason why support is looked at as being a shit role in the game is on the account of no one plays supports right in normal level 30 matches. The whole point of a support (in a ranked match, at least) is to support your AD. That's really it. You're supposed to make sure your AD is completely protected. If he goes to farm top, you go top with him. You literally need 0 items on a support. Your main goal as a support is to ward and protect your AD. So boots, and all the gp10 items. (ie Heart of Gold, Kage's Lucky Pick, Philo Stone.) You use all the gold you were to get from those items on what you say? Wards. May I say it again? Fuckin' wards. If you suspect your being outwarded by the enemy. You buy an oracles and you play the search and destroy game by running into every bush possible and annihilating all of their wards. If they have no vision, you are then correctly supporting your team and more importantly making it SAFE for your AD carry to farm. If you find you have a handle on wards/oracles keeping your AD safe. You are then able to grab other items, preferably aura items. I usually get a shurelya's for team fights, IF your AD doesn't want to waste his gold on lifesteal. (Since you're always with your AD no matter what. You might want to pick up a Zeke's Harold, since they revamped it so supports are able to obtain it for health+cdr. Be it if you're Soraka, Karma (lol.. I won't go into how amazing she is but how much people are braindead to see her potential.), Sona, Taric, Heimerdinger, Janna. You have your role as protecting your AD carry first over anyone else. They all have different ways of helping you keep your AD alive. Taric's stun/armor; Sona's mobility, power chords for damage reduction/slowing enemies/or just straight damage on a target, AoE stun for a great opener or tide turner. Janna's movement speed, she's a cc queen, and her ulti heal. Soraka for her mana, heal, silence capabilities. Heimer support for his turrets to slow/kill people, and his blind/stun. I digress though, done ranting. <3